Alan Jaye is the firework-fingered, soulful titan that adds an aesthetic resonance and bassy depth to all songs he plays on. He is the bassist for Tides of Man, a post-rock band based in Clearwater Florida, and an incredibly popular session bassist for many of Spencer Bradham’s clients. Alan’s intelligent, technical rhythms and tighter than tight bass grooves have gained him fans from all over the globe and numerous return clients at Clear Track Studios.

Alan was influenced by a wide variety of musical styles that aided in his growth as an artist. Funk, jazz, rock, and even hip hop shaped his intricate bass melodies and complex arrangements which were eventually adapted into an instrumental post-rock sound. With body shaking bass riffs, inventive fret work and powerful jaw-dropping speed, Alan's subsonic,foundational frequencies are the cornerstone for albums like “Young & Courageous," created with Tides of Man. The unnerving ambiance and pixelated swelling of the modulated hum of Alan's well-written bass parts suggest at his ingenious skill, but his true brilliance is best seen on stage interacting and communicating with his audience. All of these elements combined make him one of the finest four-stringers in the music industry.

Alan’s exceptional style and unparalleled precision are also seen in the studio when he is a session bassist. While delivering the driving low end, he encapsulates the spirit of every genre making him a very valuable entity for any recording. Whether it’s in-the-pocket country, unfiltered piston-pumped metal, frenzied riffing blues or laid-back 50s boogie, Alan does it all and with a muscular brilliance. Combining a brew of a monstrously assured technique, an endearing demeanor and 20 years of experience, Alan cares for his clients, takes great pride in his work and makes sure to deliver an intuitive recording that resonates deep in your bones.