Colleen Bradham is the task master, saleswoman and creative savant behind the inner workings of the studio. She is the Assistant Manger for the administrative operations and the Website Designer & Manager of Marketing and Promotion here at Clear Track Studios. Colleen’s eye for detail, knowledge of the music industry and gracious delivery of quality customer service makes her phenomenal asset to our team and our talented clients. 

A Florida native, Colleen was born into this world with an instant affinity for all things music. Performing in glee-like show choirs, renaissance madrigalian groups, collegiate a cappella at Florida State University, amusement parks and even a cover band that played shows throughout Tampa Bay, Colleen’s experience helps her understand artists while also having an instant rapport with all who are interested in coming in to record. Beyond the world of music, Colleen has a Masters degree from University of South Florida and has worked for several years in graphic design and promotion for various businesses in the Tampa Bay area. 

When she is not answering calls at the front desk or promoting the engineers and numerous artists who grace our studio, Colleen moonlights as a session vocalist for clients and also works as a singer/songwriter for Bradham, an indie-pop-country duet with her husband, Spencer. Whether she's booking a session, working on a marketing campaign, or singing back-up's for a clients upcoming EP, Colleen guarantees superior customer service and the highest quality aesthetic in all work she tackles. Joining together a blend of administrative excellence, an extensive vocabulary, lighthearted humor and 15 years of experience in the world of music, Colleen puts her heart into each project and does whatever it takes to exceed the expectations of everyone involved.