Mike Johnson is the ultimate, model mix engineer that any client would want shaping and enhancing their sound. He is the owner of Clear Track Studios, world-class recording studios located in Clearwater Florida, and a highly sought after mixing engineer for many of Clear Track's clients. Mike’s brilliant ear and inherent dedication help him put focus on the details of every song, ensuring a crisp sound with emotional power that connects with every listener.

Growing up in Connecticut, Mike took to the guitar at the ripe age of 8 years old. Inspired by the killer music of Van Halen, Metallica, Stevie Ray Vaughn and AC/DC, he attempted to emulate the tones of these titans of rock, and in doing so, Mike found that his true passion was beyond the fret board and actually behind the mixing board. Mike quickly developed a very hands-on, technical approach to recording from creating, building and working out of numerous studios, such as a tiny 25x25 studio in a colossal barn, a home studio in his grandma's basement, and even a portable studio he would bring into peoples homes. In 2002, he attended Full Sail University in Orlando and obtained a degree in Recording Arts which put him behind his first SSL console that created yet another foundation for his recording education. Not long after, Mike dreamed up the idea for creating a state of the art recording studio with one of his neighbors and soon-to-be best friends, Spencer Bradham. After strategic planning and a year and a half of building, he made this dream a reality.

With his impressive technical background and expertise behind the console, Mike provides the perfect bed for any clients’ musical goal. Specializing in rock, alternative and adult contemporary, his confident engineer instincts have influenced his mixing flow into a nice combination of thinking outside the box while still mixing in a methodical, calculated manner. Mike does not shape sounds into feel-good stuff; his final product is bigger than that. Whether he is molding mind-blowing layers of cascading guitar, modifying bindle-stiff blues progressions, or shaping hypnotic heartland-rock melodies, Mike is an absolute master of the boards who does whatever it takes to formulate the perfect mix. His wicked precision, technical brilliance and 20 years of studio experience gives clients a harmoniously fortuitous advantage when working with Mike.