Steven Clark is the one of our most promising, confident engineers that any client would want enhancing their final production. Steven's calming personality, brilliant ear and inherent dedication help him put focus on the details of every song, ensuring an accurate sound with emotional power that connects with any audience.

Direct from Riverview, Florida, Steven has been a musician since he was 4 years old when he first dabbled in playing the guitar. As years went on, he expanded his interests into lessons in music theory, rocking out in jam bands with his friends and eventually developing a great interest in the recording aspect of music. In his early twenties, Steven attended Sanford Brown majoring in Audio Engineering where he initially gravitated towards recording techniques and principles with tracking and editing. However, by his second semester, Steven changed gears and found his true passion in the post-production world of mixing and knew, from here on out, this was his calling. Earning the highest accolades while in study and impressing all who worked with him, Steven finished out the school year as an intern at Clear Track Studios and quickly rose to an Assistant Engineer working on numerous sessions and post-production projects almost over night. 

With his remarkable "engineer ear" and overall brilliance in the technical world of shaping sounds, Steven provides clients with the most stunning final products.  Specializing in pop, alternative and even metal, his technological smarts and musical instincts have influenced his mixing flow. Whether he is shaping feathery synths with a deep exhale of downtempo relief, modifying plaintively exhaling guitars, or modulating turbo synth-rock harmonies, Steven is an absolute commander of the console who goes above and beyond to develop the perfect mix. His confident precision and savvy auditory abilities ensure that any and all songs that come to him for mixing will turn out to be a immeasurable masterpiece worthy of his trademark "thumbs up.